The Role of Karl Benz in the Invention of the Automobile

Did automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz actually invent the car? Debate goes on about which automobile actually was the original. In truth, other models of automotive vehicles were manufactured before this company’s were. However, the car as we know it today is much more similar to the Benz model than those earlier ones. People who are interested in this particular brand of car may check out BenzInsider for more info.

The First Practical Automobile

Henry Ford and Karl Benz both are given credit for inventions in this early stage of the automobile. The gas-fueled vehicle invented by Mr. Benz that resembles today’s cars appeared in the late 1800s. It is considered the first practical automobile, although only rich people could afford to buy it. Earlier models designed by other individuals ran on steam power.

The car invented by Mr. Benz did not look much like a modern vehicle, but the operation was similar. It included an internal combustion engine. Two people could comfortably sit on the leather-upholstered bench, with the steering mechanism between them.

Significant Differences

There were significant differences as well. For example, the driver had to use a hand brake, since foot-pedal brakes were yet to be invented. The single front wheel turned as the driver steered, and the back wheels followed. Soon, however, an updated model with four wheels was being manufactured.

Henry Ford and Mass Production

Mr. Ford’s major accomplishment was figuring out how to make cars affordable so that someone didn’t have to be wealthy to buy one. Mass production on an assembly line was key for this goal. He didn’t come up with the idea of the assembly line, but he was the first to use this type of production for making cars.

Today’s Vehicles

The differences between the two brands might be thought of as somewhat similar now as was true in the early 1900s. Today, Mercedes-Benz is known for no-limit luxury, high-performance cars, vans and sport utility vehicles. Ford is generally considered a more practical brand, especially recognized for its popular pickup trucks and affordable sedans. Nevertheless, Mercedes offers brand new models of small sedans for as low as around $33,000.