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What Are The Effects Of The Sanctions Against Iran On The People Of Iranian Descent Living In The US?

There is a very large number of people of Iranian descent living in the US. They come here for a wide variety of reasons, form business to studies and so on and so forth. Life for these Iranian-Americans has turned sour following sanctions against Iran. Well, the story behind this turn of events is that Iran has been participating in a number of vices that are completely unacceptable to the international community and the result of its reluctance to desist from these vices has resulted in this precarious situation. The vices include and are not limited to harboring terror groups and also manufacturing nuclear weapons. This has resulted in the sanctions against Iran from all quarters like the EU, UN, and the US government. These sanctions have been meted out against Iran since the 1970’s but have only recently started to get even more serious.

Iran’s economy is taking a hit as are result of these sanctions. People of Iranian descent living outside Iran have also been feeling the effect of these sanctions more so those living in the US. One of the major problems being unemployment. So what exactly are the effects of these sanctions against Iran on the people of Iranian descent living in the US?

Not only have the employed been affected but even those who own businesses in the US. The business community has had to suffer the consequences of the ban on imports and exports. These Iranian-American businessmen who have already established a market or their source of goods from Iran or vice versa cannot get to it. The fact that the focus was on this particular industry has not only affected Iran’s economy but also people of Iranian descent living in the US. To make matters worse for these people, some avoid buying from them because they don’t know exactly what the sanction prohibits and don’t want to take any chances.

Because even the sending and receiving of gifts has been prohibited, people have had to cut ties with their relatives in Iran. Those that sent funds as support for their elderly parents cannot do that anymore. If you really have to send money, you would have to carry cash in suitcases and it still would not be easy to do that. No bank wants to help because they are afraid of getting penalized if they are found.

Because of the sanction, getting access to property or inheritance in Iran is impossible. If you had any business in Iran or a family business, you cannot invest in it neither can you benefit from it.

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